January 9, 2016


Whiplash Training Facility is not your typical gym!

Our Mission

Constantly striving to help you succeed in life, health and fitness.


How Whiplash Training Facility helps the Community:

1. Healthy Heart

We believe in creating an environment that gives a sense of belonging, builds friendship and camaraderie.

“I would straight up say that Whiplash gym is the best. Good community and also good people. Being fit is being healthy. It’s not just about looking good and feeling good, but it’s also about the friends and the people whom you struggle with as you try to gain that maximum fitness. Whiplash has a friendly atmosphere and everyone helps one another.” – Justin Pondevida, 22, Law Student and Whiplash Member

2. Healthy Mind

Many of us struggle with depression, anxiety and isolation with the pressures of modern day life. Fitness can help individuals overcome such personal challenges through  regular  exercise which  releases positive endorphins that make you feel good and happy. Being part of a supportive like-minded community also goes a long way to improving mental health.

“I was looking for a better gym than where I was. I checked out 3 other gyms before stumbling upon Whiplash. When I went there I liked the vibe, good atmosphere and good people. Felt like community.” – Matt “Norrie”, 29, Social worker and Whiplash Member

3. Healthy Spirit

We strive to teach, educate and mentor others in seeing life outside of their own perspective. Showing that you have the potential to achieve greatness no matter your walk of life. We seek to “break the cycle” and bring positive lifestyles into all who come to Whiplash Training Facility.


Meet Whiplash Training Facility Founder – Nick Ariel

Nick Ariel, aka Nick “Whiplash” Ariel is a professional Australian Indigenous Kickboxer and Martial Artist. Nick is the current IKBF World Champion, and proudly holds Four Kickboxing Titles.

Nick grew up on the tough streets of Redfern in Sydney, where fighting was the norm. At the young age of 12 Nick started to train Kung Fu for the sole purpose to defend himself. Nick trained under Kung-Fu Master Sifu Rick Spain, a famous full contact World Champion, who taught and moulded Nick into the strong and skillful man he is today.

It was through the guidance of Master Sifu Rick Spain where Nick was proudly given the fight name “WHIPLASH”. “My sparring partners would tell my Sifu they had whiplash side effects after sparring me.” After seven dedicated years of hard training, Nick later became the youngest student that ever achieved first level Masters, at the Young age of nineteen.



Since this time, Nick has progressed and expanded his skills of martial arts by training in Brazilian Jui Jitsu, Kyokushin Karate and Muay Thai, helping to make Nick the diverse and skillful fighter he is today. Nick had numerous MMA fights, but was given the opportunity to train under Alex Tui (Australia’s first ever World Champion Kick Boxer) and begin his career as a kick boxer. Loving the feeling and adrenaline from fighting, Nick has continued on with his fighting, winning the World Champion IKBF title in New Zealand in 2015.

“Fighting has kept me grounded, fit, healthy and improved my overall positive mindset. I love the feel of being in the ring and preparing to fight. Nothing is easy and when you get the rewards, the feelings can’t be explained.” – Nick Ariel

Nick Ariel and Daughter ZemiraNick Ariel and Daughter Zemira

End of 2015, Nick decided with his wife, Julie, to begin teaching and passing on training experiences to young kids and adults whilst encouraging self-worth, respect and discipline amongst the community through boxing, kickboxing, kung fu, Jiu Jitsu and functional training. Nick and Julie started teaching boxing and kickboxing classes out of Elouera Tony Mundine Gym in Redfern.

As a result, Whiplash Training Facility was opened in July 2016, with Nick and Julie teaching boxing, kickboxing, kung fu and functional training. Nick is hoping to make a difference within the community and bring community connection and encourage a healthy lifestyle awareness through health and fitness.

Meet Whiplash Training Facility Co-Founder- Julie Ariel

Julie Ariel aka Julie Young, is a former Women’s Australian Rugby League player. Julie played rugby league over many years after starting at the age of 12. In that time, Julie has represented Australia (Jillaroos), playing in the 2013 World Cup and winning the grand final against New Zealand, Women’s Indigenous All Stars and New South Wales in the State of Origin.

Julie has suffered many hardships throughout her career and life. One definitive hardship suffered was when Julie dislocated her knee 11 months before World Cup, resulting in a full knee reconstruction and having to commit to vigorous rehab and training to be fit enough to play World Cup. Due to her career and sporting achievements, Julie has learnt the importance of hard work, dedication,  keeping fit and healthy and having a positive mindset. Julie wants to use her experience and knowledge to help educate, mentor and guide other individuals to reach for their true potential.

“Fitness has been a massive part of my life and helped in keeping me grounded. I grew up in Claymore (Western Sydney) before moving to Wangi Wangi in Lake Macquarie and being a part of footy, athletics and sports allowed me to focus on my fitness and avoid trouble as a kid. It allowed me to release stress and meet people from all over, and see life from a different perspective. I have achieved a lot through fitness and only wish to give some of that back to the children of today and community.” – Julie Ariel

Julie started her career in the fitness industry straight out of school, studying Certificate 3 and 4 in Fitness and going on to complete a Diploma in Fitness. Julie began working in a number of training facilities and became a sports trainer (weights) for the junior Newcastle Knights U’16s and 18s as well as a fitness trainer for a local AFL team.

After 6 years of working in the fitness industry in Newcastle, Julie switched her career to work in government, before moving to Redfern after marrying her husband Nick.

Julie and Nick became parents to daughter Zemira in July 2016, four (4) days after opening Whiplash Training Facility.

Whiplash Indigenous Corporation (WIC)

Whiplash Training Facility is working in conjunction with Whiplash Indigenous Corporation (WIC), a non for profit corporation designed to teach kids and adults respect, discipline, self-esteem and community connection through the health and fitness program “Breaking the Cycle with Deadly Skills.” WIC is a newly established corporation aimed at assisting communities in breaking the “negative cycles” of life, which can be developed through family, upbringing, social media and many more aspects and instead encouraging the positive cycles of life using health and fitness programs.

“The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.” – Matthew 26:41